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Fast service, strong customer loyalty, and healthy profit margins.

Use pharmacy specific software to outperform the competition.

Are you having challenges adhering to the numerous rules and regulations that apply to pharmacies? We’ve got a solution.

Pharmacies must manage and distribute pharmaceutical products in accordance with complex laws and regulations. This includes effectively managing expiry dates, handling prescription drugs in accordance with legislation, calculating prices based on a wide range of insurance schemes, and more.

Additionally, pharmacies are required to offer knowledgeable guidance to clients and deliver prompt, courteous service. As pharmaceutical profit margins continue to decrease, a store’s ability to offer a diverse range of non-prescription (retail) goods becomes increasingly important.

Is your pharmacy ready to capitalise on significant future revenue opportunities, or will you allow your competitors to outperform you?

Expand your customer base and easily manage complex demands.

From POS to back office, LS Retails pharmacy-specific software solution includes a host of features that will boost your competitiveness while simplifying your daily operations.

Use the system’s detailed reports to better understand your company’s finances and reorder retail products that will boost your bottom line. To increase repeat business, offer deals, promotions, and loyalty programs.

Reduce costs while improving customer satisfaction with a fully integrated retail and dispensing software that includes pharmacy-specific features. Manage various types of prescriptions, effectively handle drugs, and let the system handle price calculations based on various insurance schemes.

With LS Retail, managing a pharmacy has never been easier or more profitable.

Medication management data structure.

Optimise the management of medical products – configure and search for products and packaged items based on various dimensions, such as substance, ATC group, strength, and classification, as well as warning text, product description, quantity in pack, daily dose, and more.

System for security and permissions

The system includes a sophisticated permissions setup for POS users. Permissions for POS personnel can be configured in the back office, with the ability to restrict access to specific functions based on user roles. 

Management can, for example, request additional logins or the use of an electronic signature with a PIN code in order to perform specific operations or sell specific drugs. It is also possible to set permissions for user groups.

Total customer management

At any time, you can view your customers’ open and previous orders, as well as their history and specifications. If a specific customer is assigned an insurance scheme, the system will calculate the discount and final price for the customer. Users can also directly invoice insurance companies using the software.

Hub for Pharmacy Roles

All of the key functions you need to manage your pharmacy on a daily basis can be found in one place. Check which orders are open and which are ready for pickup at the POS; print labels for the orders, including dosage instructions, warning text, and other information.

7 critical factors to consider when selecting pharmacy software.

Discover the seven key features to look for in a pharmacy management system and ensure you choose the right software for your expanding business.

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Manage your pharmacy business with a single dispensing software

Manage your whole business, from dispensing to financials to retail sales in one platform

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5 Trends reshaping the role of pharmacies across health services.

Find out more about the trends reshaping the role of pharmacies across health services.

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What are the advantages of LS Retail Pharmacy solutions for your pharmacy?

Gain a clear picture of your company.

From your headquarters, you can manage all of your locations. Make decisions at the top and immediately distribute them throughout the organisation.

Manage campaigns and promotions.

Prepare your prices, offers, and campaigns ahead of time. Distribute them throughout your operation while maintaining control over them from headquarters.

Handle manual and electronic prescriptions.

Both paper and electronic prescriptions are accepted. The system stores an electronic copy of the paper prescription.

Provide better customer service.

Instead of the prescribed branded medication, suggest a generic version. The system will look for appropriate substitutes with the same ATC code and strength.

Keep track of your inventory.

The LS Retail pharmacy POS terminal is more than just a sales tool. Use it to verify current inventory, store, and location data.

Reach out to your consumers.

Notify your customers via email, text message, or mobile app when their prescriptions are about to expire.