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ESG/CSRD Reporting Solution

Providing users with an integrated solution to report on all aspects of their ESG performance. 

What can we do for you

To meet the increasing demands of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) and CSRD reporting (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive), organisations will require a strong data architecture with automated data integration and an easy-to-use dashboards to monitor performance and achieve compliance. 

The challenge that organisations face revolve around defining and then accessing the necessary ESG data. Starting with a well-designed ESG data strategy, our approach assists you in efficiently delivering sustainability reporting.

We have partnered with SustainIQ to provide their comprehensive and user-friendly ESG & sustainability data reporting software solution. 

The Solution

SustainIQ is the all-in-one, easy to use ESG & Sustainability data reporting software. It’s reporting dashboards provide users with one integrated solution to report on all aspects of ESG performance.

Users can access a comprehensive set of dashboards that integrate all aspects of ESG performance reporting into a single platform.

Users in over 30 countries love and trust it.

Integrated Reporting Dashboard

SustainIQ offers users a centralised integrated reporting dashboard that collects data from multiple sites and locations throughout the organisation and transforms it into actionable information. 

SustainIQ is one of the most comprehensive and powerful ESG & sustainability reporting tools on the market, featuring visual graphs, one-click (and fully compliant) environmental reports, and over 150 reporting areas with thousands of filterable options.

Responsible Procurement

Most businesses today rely on global supply chains. They are not without risk, so they must be closely monitored and managed. With SustainIQ you can reduce risk while also giving customers and shareholders confidence in the robustness and accountability of your supply chains.

SustainIQ calculates the socioeconomic impact of your purchasing processes at the local, national, and international levels using the Procurement Pillar.

Build an accredited, credible, and trustworthy supply chain that is equipped with accurate data to keep your company compliant and achieve goals with like-minded partners.

Environmental Management

All organisations must, at a minimum, manage their environmental impact and be compliant.

Understanding how and why your company generates waste and carbon emissions allows you to save money, increase productivity, and become more environmentally friendly.

SustainIQ uses the Environmental Management Pillar to calculate your environmental performance across multiple sites. Customers are alerted to any issues, such as excessive waste, energy, or water consumption, allowing them to avoid unnecessary costs.

Implement waste management plans on-site, track biodiversity initiatives, monitor water usage, and report compliantly using our instant environmental performance reporting library.

People, Health, and Diversity

Any successful organisation is built on its people. Taking care of their health and well-being, as well as their professional development, is critical to attracting new talent and retaining existing skills and experience.

Furthermore, by providing opportunities through apprenticeships and placements, your organisation can increase its social impact while establishing a responsible and trustworthy brand.

SustainIQ manages your equality, diversity, and inclusion strategy, tracks apprenticeships and their beneficiaries, and ultimately assists you in improving the health and well-being of your employees.

Collaboration & Community Engagement

Determine your organisation’s impact on the local community. Across all sites, users can enter donations, community outreach, volunteering, educational initiatives, partnerships, and responsible leadership.

Break down each location in your company by site level, or report on a company-wide basis, identifying where sites are having the most impact in their communities and where there are opportunities to do more in your operations.

Finally, combine social value, environment, supply chain, and waste reporting into a single solution to allow sustainability teams to report consistently and compliantly across the board.

What is the difference between ESG and sustainability?

This guide acts as an introductory resource to sustainability & ESG reporting. Find out the 6 steps to success that you can implement.

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