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IBM Cognos Analytics

The power of AI to unearth new business insights

IBM Cognos Analytics

Analytics, data science and business intelligence. These have become table stakes in the business world. They’re part of the fundamental building blocks – or rungs in the ladder to AI. 

IBM have worked hard to make these sophisticated, complicated technologies easy to access, and very easy to use.

Cognos Analytics delivers all the answers you need in one place

Cognos Analytics with Watson takes BI a step further. Its AI capabilities don’t just give an accurate, trusted and complete picture of your business. They also forecast what’s coming in the future, predicting outcomes and explaining why they may happen.

Cognos Watson-powered BI solution can do it all

Clean and connect your data, create stunning data visualisations, and reveal where your business is today  – while helping to predict what will happen tomorrow.

Cognos Analytics – Business Intelligence driven by AI