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Certent Disclosure Management

Making complex internal & external reporting, compliance and narrative reporting easy

At ProStrategy, we help our customers with the Last Mile of financial reporting – through automation with Certent Disclosure Management. 

Combining narrative content with financial data is the final step of both external and internal reporting process. It remains a manual challenge for most organisations. Certent CDM provides a reporting platform which make complex internal & external reporting, compliance and narrative reporting processes much easier.

New challenges demand new capability

certent disclosure management financial reporting compliance

With increasing demands for greater transparency, changing industry regulations and shorter filing deadlines the old reporting environments of Word, Excel and email are no longer viable. 

Working with Certent, we’ll show you how to automate your reporting with a platform that will draw the data it needs. It will deliver Financial Statement Reporting – Internal & External Reporting, Data Compliance, Narrative & Regulatory Reporting, EBRL Tagging etc.

Future confidence comes as standard

Certent Disclosure Management will do more than just reduce your risks of non-compliance and cut operational costs. It will give you confidence in the accuracy and compliance of all your reporting – leading to faster and better decision making.

certent disclosure management
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Certent Disclosure Management Reporting streamlines and automates:

External & Regulatory Reports

  • Annual/ half-year, statutory accounts, industry regulators, press releases

Worldwide EBRL Tagging

  • ESMA ESEF, Solvercy II, Basel III

Management Reports

  • Board packs, financial statements, KPI reporting, Health & Safety incident reports

Internal Reports

  • Business plan/ budget book reports, cash management etc.

Guide to FP&A Transformation

The time is ripe to unlock the new potential of Financial Planning and Analysis.

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